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“Kelly Khumalo will pull silly stunts”, People Suspect This To Happen When The Singer Has To Testify

Now that, singer Zandile Khumalo has been called to testify, people have mentioned that they cannot wait to see singer and reality star, Kelly Khumalo on the stand.

The time has come and we have pretty much caught up with recent developments, all that is left is to get more information about Kelly’s day in court.


We do not know if there will be a similar approach with both the sisters, now that people have expressed their disappointment in Zandile who recently mentioned that she did not want to be filmed and recorded when she gives her testimony in the Senzo Meyiwa case.

When people found out about this, the reactions started coming in and there were even celebrities who shared what they thought.


Actor, Sello Maake kaNcube also aired out his views on the matter, some people are concerned that Kelly might also pull the same stunt and say that she does not want to be filmed and recorded.

After all, people are having this discussion because one can never know what to expect when it comes to Kelly Khumalo.

There is obviously a certain perception that is out there about Kelly’s character and the singer is very much aware that there are people who do not like her, that does not seem to really bother her.


It has been quite a while since she put herself out there like that and this is probably because she has had enough of the backlash on social media.

Some people have mentioned that it is not necessarily fair that people are starting to assume what she intends to do before she even gets to appear in court.

She needed to get to a point where she understands that there are people who are going to judge regardless of the situation and she most likely does.


Hopefully, when the time comes for Kelly to give her testimony, she will not have any excuses or complain that there should not be filmed or recorded because she fears that she will be ridiculed.

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