Kairo Forbes and her uncle grab fans’ attention as they pose the same in recent picture together

Kairo Forbes and her uncle grab fans' attention as they pose the same in recent picture together

Some things run in the blood. They just happen unconsciously. But one thing we are also aware off is that children copy their elders. Once they see their parents do something, they also want to do it. Which is the cutest thing ever. Especially when they don’t even know what they are doing. 67e62ad401524f768a210036a23f55ef?quality=uhq&resize=720

Family is much more than about the people that you are blood related. People that show you love and loyalty end up being your family. Lynn Forbes has raised her children so well that all they know is love. She has welcomed both AKA and Stefan’s girlfriends with love and treated them like her own. ab5a5d18c32e4889af788707838be0eb?quality=uhq&resize=720

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Stefan’s longterm girlfriend Brittany Smith had an interview with a magazine. She shared a picture of herself with DJ Zinhle, Kairo, Asante, Zama, Lynn and her boyfriend Steffan. In the picture Kairo has the same pose as her uncle. Covering their eyes from the sun. Kairo is blessed to have all these people by her side.

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