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Julius Sello Malema will one day be South Africa’s president.

On Twitter, a client named Daniel expressed that Julius Sello Malema will one day be South Africa’s leader. His post created a ruckus via online entertainment as it became a web sensation, and many individuals responded in a wide range of ways to what he posted and said. Bra Sim advised them to help, crusade, and urge the adolescent to enroll and cast an EFF ballot for their future. He said that they are doing that in secondary schools around there, teaching students about EFF government issues and the significance of enlisting to cast a ballot. One of those individuals said that all that relies on individuals in South Africa is that he can simply awaken and turn into the leader of South Africa; however, he should cast a ballot into power.


Mmantsha expressed that Zimbabweans are continually fantasizing about what ought to occur in South Africa as opposed to zeroing in on it. He advised him to support his Zimbabwean family by going to vote as opposed to talking babble there.


630b24349dec4395817f4e81c1ddcb33?quality=uhq&resize=720Source: Daniel Marven on Twitter: “Julius Sello Malema will one day be the president of South Africa.” / Twitter

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