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Julius Malema’s Alarming Warning: ” Darkness Looms in the Coming Weeks “

In a startling revelation during a press conference, Julius Sello Malema, co-founder and commander in chief of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), delivered a dire warning to the nation, stating that South Africa is on the brink of a deep crisis. Malema specifically highlighted the precarious state of the country’s power utility, Eskom, predicting an imminent collapse that could have catastrophic consequences for the nation.

During the press conference, Malema made a series of chilling statements regarding the potential ramifications of Eskom’s collapse. He asserted that no one would be able to go to work due to the lack of electricity, rendering communication networks and cell phones useless. Malema also claimed that the absence of refrigeration capabilities would force the burial of deceased individuals on the same day as their demise.

Highlighting the severity of the situation, Malema further emphasized that the impending darkness would not last for mere hours, but rather extend to three to four days, and in some instances, up to an entire week or even a month without power. Such a prolonged outage would have far-reaching implications for all aspects of daily life, including the disruption of essential services, businesses, and ordinary citizens’ lives.

Eskom, the state-owned power utility, is currently grappling with significant challenges in providing uninterrupted electricity to the nation. The company has been plagued by issues such as aging infrastructure, lack of maintenance, and financial mismanagement, leading to frequent power outages and load shedding, which have severely impacted industries, households, and the economy as a whole.

Malema’s warnings have added fuel to the growing concerns surrounding Eskom’s ability to address the crisis effectively. The EFF leader has long been a vocal critic of the utility, often accusing it of mismanagement and corruption. His recent statements have intensified fears of an impending collapse that could push the country into further turmoil, exacerbating existing social, economic, and political challenges.

The South African government, led by President Cyril Ramaphosa, has acknowledged the gravity of the situation and expressed its commitment to finding a sustainable solution to Eskom’s woes. However, previous attempts to resolve the utility’s problems have been met with limited success, leaving the nation in a state of uncertainty and vulnerability.


With Eskom’s struggles at the forefront of national discourse, Malema’s warning has ignited public debate and increased pressure on the government to take decisive action. Citizens and businesses alike are anxiously awaiting tangible steps to alleviate the crisis and prevent the catastrophic scenario described by the EFF leader.

As the situation unfolds, it is essential for all stakeholders, including the government, Eskom, and civil society organizations, to collaborate and find viable long-term solutions. The nation’s future depends on their ability to address the deep-rooted challenges facing Eskom and ensure a stable, reliable power supply that is fundamental to economic growth, social stability, and the well-being of all South Africans.


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