” Julius Malema is teaching them proper politics “, says ANC BigWig


Headline: ANC Chairperson Acknowledges Critique from EFF’s Julius Malema on Party’s Service Delivery Failures

In a surprising turn of events, the Chairperson of the African National Congress (ANC), Nathi Sithole, has openly acknowledged the criticisms leveled against the party’s leadership by the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) commander in chief, Julius Sello Malema. Malema, a former member of the ANC, has been vocal in his disapproval of the party’s handling of service delivery to the people of South Africa since his departure.


Sithole, during a recent interview, spoke candidly about the challenges the ANC has faced in paying its workers’ salaries, even revealing that the party was struggling to meet its financial obligations at Luthuli House. In contrast, he pointed out that some prominent ANC members had amassed significant wealth, surpassing the financial capacity of the party itself. The ANC chairperson went on to emphasize that Malema’s critiques were aimed at encouraging his comrades to prioritize the struggle for the welfare of the South African people over personal gain.

“It is rare to find the African National Congress leader agreeing with the Economic Freedom Fighters, especially the commander in chief Julius Malema,” Sithole admitted. “But on a serious note, the African National Congress is failing the People of the Republic of South Africa when it comes to service delivery while comrades themselves are getting rich.”

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Julius Malema, known for his fiery rhetoric and passionate stance on economic equality, has been a vocal critic of the ANC’s leadership since his departure from the party. Through his role as the EFF’s commander in chief, he has not held back in expressing his dissatisfaction with the ANC’s performance in delivering essential services to the citizens of South Africa. His primary argument centers around the notion that the struggle for a better South Africa should take precedence over individual enrichment.

Malema’s critique has resonated with a significant portion of the South African population, particularly those who have grown disillusioned with the ANC’s ability to address key issues such as poverty, unemployment, and access to basic services. His populist appeal and unwavering commitment to advocating for economic freedom have garnered him a considerable following within the country.

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While ideological differences and political rivalries often fuel tensions between political parties, Sithole’s acknowledgement of Malema’s perspective suggests a willingness to engage in self-reflection within the ANC. This rare admission from a high-ranking party official indicates a growing awareness of the need to address the shortcomings in service delivery and internal party dynamics.

As South Africa continues to grapple with the challenges of development, social inequality, and economic transformation, the public remains eager to see tangible improvements in service delivery and governance. The ANC’s acknowledgment of criticism from the opposition may signal a willingness to reassess policies and prioritize the needs of the people.

However, the ANC’s ability to respond effectively to these critiques and implement positive changes will ultimately determine the party’s standing in the eyes of the South African electorate. As political dynamics evolve, the nation watches closely, hoping for better governance and a brighter future for all citizens.



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