“It’s really hard on me” says Dineo Ranaka

“It’s really hard on me” says Dineo Ranaka


Chronic depression is a long-term form of depression characterized by a persistent low mood and a lack of interest or pleasure in daily activities. Celebrities, like any individuals, can be vulnerable to risk factors for depression due to a combination of personal, professional, and societal factors. 


One celebrity who previously shot up the trends list is Dineo Ranaka. This came after the star shared her struggle with mental health in a series of Instagram posts. Radio and TV personality, Dineo Ranaka took to her Instagram recently to update her fans on her health.

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Dineo started her post by thanking everyone for the calls, texts, prayers and well wishes. The star proceeded to write that she has recently been diagnosed with sever chronic depression. She adds that it’s hard on her. She finished off her post by saying “Depression is curable”.



Taking to the comment section, her industry friends and fans wished her well. One user said “This too shall pass bitso. We proud of you, the acts of bravery in doing the work and rediscovering yourself, it’s a task that’s possible. We believe your abilities and willingness.” The user proceeded to tell the star that she’s loved by many and wished her all the best with her journey. 

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Manaka Ranaka also commented on her sister’s post. She wrote how proud she is of her sister. It’s important to note that chronic depression is a legitimate mental health condition that requires appropriate diagnosis and treatment.


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