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It Has Been Alleged That Zuma Knew His Cabinet Ministers Were Effective And Efficient–Is It True?



The people of South Africa have been thinking and wondering about what will happen in the next months to come. This is because the people are starting to witness the future of the African National Congress in the current generation. The reason for this is because the issue of the ANC playing hide and seek with the demands of the people will be their end of the ruling party and committing corruption.

It has also been alleged that the African National Congress is tired of a bee the ruling party and it wants other opposition parties to be granted an opportunity to lead the country. The country and the African National Congress were left with few months to rectify their mistakes. The African National Congress should be coming up with a strategy that will make the people listen to their demands.



The people of South Africa have been putting the former ANC President’s name in the media and social media platforms. This is because what Ramaphosa has been doing for the country is leaving people with questions and fewer answers. The reason for this is that Jacob Zuma has now been reported as the only person that knew the cabinet minister he appointed and they were efficient.

They were efficient in the way that they will execute their duties effectively with fewer corruption reports made. Ever since Ramaphosa became the president a lot of people are starting to accept the fate that Ramaphosa does not know how to lead the country. This is because the phalaphala farm saga that happened 7 months ago is something that is giving the people heads-up that the ANC should not be given another chance to lead the country.


What is your intake on this matter and why do you say so?

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