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Imbewu Actor Kay Sibiya Allegedly Gets Matching Tattoos With His Girlfriend

Nothing says together forever like matching tattoes. Imbewu actor Kay Sibiya and his girlfriend Judie Kama have gotten matching tattoos together. Kay tattooed Judie’s initial on his finger, while Judie tattoed Kay’s initial on hers.e5c2830806bb43ca9263aae37ae206ab?quality=uhq&resize=720

The couple have been together on and off for almost 5 years and have two kids together, Zia-Mia and Doxa Kion Zesimdumise Sibiya.


Social media users were not happy for them for getting tattoos together while others felt that the couple could have gotten married instead, while others kept on saying that it will end in tears.

Read comments below:

@iambeth1103 wrote, “I wouldn’t recommend”


@thuso_thelejane wrote, “It will end in tears 😫”


@_LindyLindt wrote, “They look good together 💙”


Opinion: What works for others will not work for you. There is no manual to live life accordingly. If marriage is in their books, hopefully they will get married soon.


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