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” I’m Desperately looking for Andre De Ruyter’s book”, says President Cyril Ramaphosa

President of the Republic of South Africa and African National Congress Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa says he’s desperately looking for a copy of André de Ruyter’s book.

The former South African power utility Chief Executive Officer Andre De Ruyter wrote a tell-all book, giving his insider’s view of alleged corruption at the power utility.

In writing this book,the former Eskom Chief Executive Officer Officer Andre De Ruyter gave South Africans a valuable tool to interrogate what our leaders and unions communicate going forward in this never-ending nightmare.

Andre De Ruyter details his difficulties procuring equipment for coal-fired plants because of a global shift towards cutting carbon sessions. He also explores the myth punted by Mantashe’s supporters of “clean coal”

Comments :

” A commission of enquiry will find the book for him..and facilitate the production of an audiobook for people with reading problems.”

” Tell the honourable Mr president to download the PDF book online.”


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