“I cannot believe Herman agreed to pay” — Redi Tlhabi Drops A Bombshell


Renowned journalist and radio presenter Redi Tlhabi recently took to Twitter to express her disbelief over a staggering book deal that has ignited a wave of controversy. The deal in question involved an eye-popping sum of 12.5 million, which left many questioning the rationale behind such a colossal payout.


Tlhabi expressed her astonishment in a tweet, saying, “This story was outrageous. 12.5 million for a book? I cannot believe Herman agreed to pay so much money. But let’s be objective. It’s his money. And he wasted it. I’m curious gore why.” The tweet sparked a flurry of responses from the public, who were equally puzzled by the exorbitant amount.

The recipient of this jaw-dropping deal, only referred to as “Herman,” remains unidentified, leaving speculation and intrigue in its wake. Many are left pondering whether the massive sum was warranted or if it represents an unjustifiable splurge.

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Tlhabi also raised questions about the nature of the transaction, wondering whether the recipient, whom she refers to as “Prince,” had swindled the seasoned businessman or if the substantial payment was willingly given. The lack of transparency surrounding the entire ordeal has fueled even more skepticism and debate within the community.

Critics argue that such a lavish sum for a book deal is not only excessive but also raises concerns about the ethical implications of such transactions in the literary world. Supporters of the recipient may argue that the payment reflects the true value of the content or the significant impact of the work.


As the story continues to unfold, the public eagerly awaits more details to shed light on the motivations and justifications behind this unprecedented book deal. Redi Tlhabi’s tweet sercatalyzeseper discussions about wealth, expenditure, and the ethical considerations of such financial transactions.

Ultimately, the context behind this extraordinary book deal remains shrouded in mystery, leaving the public to draw their conclusions about the decision-making process and the ramifications of such a substantial expense.

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