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Home Affairs Department Is Failing South Africans On The Thabo Bester Saga || See Why



The people of South Africa have been thinking and wondering whether the dilemma between Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha Magumana will come to an end anytime soon. This is because of what has been happening in the country about the Thabo Bester case.

Bester who was reported dead in his last year has been alleged to have escaped prison using some correctional services connections. At the moment no connections have been revealed to the people since the investigation are still underway with the country to be updated on every detail.


The minister of home affairs by the name of Aaron Motsoaledi has been put under fire by the Thabo Bester saga. This comes because it has been revealed that Thabo Bester’s DNA test and those of his teen mother could not be located. The reason for this is that the alleged teen mother did not record having to have given birth to Thabo Bester.

This has now made people to be angry at the Home Affairs Department as it has failed to reveal Thabo Bester’s details. Motsoaledi also said that the alleged teen mother records of giving birth to Or Tambo hospital in Bara.


To tell you the truth about the home affairs being exposed like this shows that there are a lot of things that are going on. The reason for this is that the Thabo Bester DNA test should have proven on Bester and his mother can be connected.

What is your intake on this matter and why do you say so?

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