Hlelo and Ntando were seen on television last night with their brother Naked Dj on “Sexy Love” show

Hlelo and Ntando were seen on television last night with their brother Naked Dj on

Hlelo and Ntando, the Beloved Twin Sisters, Grace Television Screens Alongside Brother Naked DJ

b15f209ea9a640198cb3687422731bb4?quality=uhq&resize=720Last night, television viewers were delighted as a heartwarming reunion unfolded on their screens. After years of absence, Mzansi’s favorite twin sisters, Hlelo and Ntando, made a captivating appearance alongside their brother Naked DJ.


Once cherished for their infectious personalities and talent, the sisters were prominent figures in the entertainment industry back in the day. Their return to the limelight sparked nostalgia among fans who fondly remembered their contributions.

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Despite the passage of time, Hlelo and Ntando appeared as youthful and beautiful as ever, proving that age could not diminish their radiant charm. Alongside their brother Naked DJ, the trio shared anecdotes of their time apart, evoking a mix of emotions among viewers.

The heartfelt reunion reminded audiences of the enduring power of family bonds and the profound impact these personalities had on Mzansi’s entertainment landscape. As they left the screen that night, the collective hope for more appearances from the talented trio lingered, reigniting the fond memories they once shared with their adoring fans.

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