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GREAT NEWS: Secret Home Affairs Minister Plans To Deport illegal Foreigners from SA is Exposed

Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has unveiled a proposal by the government to establish specialized courts to address the pressing issue of immigration. Motsoaledi emphasized that the number of illegal foreigners in the country has reached alarming levels, necessitating an effective and efficient system to deal with the matter.

The proposed specialized courts would be dedicated to handling immigration-related cases, streamlining the legal process and providing a focused approach to resolving issues. These courts would aim to expedite immigration cases, ensuring that the relevant matters are handled promptly and efficiently.

Motsoaledi highlighted the urgency of tackling the high number of illegal foreigners within the country. The presence of undocumented immigrants not only poses challenges to national security but also places strains on social services, including healthcare, education, and housing. By establishing specialized courts, the government aims to enhance its ability to address immigration matters and enforce immigration laws effectively.


The initiative reflects the government’s commitment to addressing immigration concerns in a comprehensive and targeted manner. It recognizes the need for a specialized legal framework that can effectively handle the complexities associated with immigration cases. Through these specialized courts, the government hopes to ensure that immigration matters are dealt with expeditiously, promoting the rule of law and safeguarding national interests.

The proposal for specialized immigration courts is expected to undergo further evaluation and consultation before being implemented. The government aims to develop a robust and efficient system that can effectively address the challenges posed by the high number of illegal foreigners, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being and security of the country.


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