Goodnews for everyone supporting Cyril Ramaphosa as his lawyers left Zuma in stitches this evening

Goodnews for everyone supporting Cyril Ramaphosa as his lawyers left Zuma in stitches this evening

The court case between President Cyril Ramaphosa and Former President Jacob Zuma ended in tears for Zuma’s team of lawyers after being beaten in court this evening. In reaction to Jacob Zuma’s request to have President Cyril Ramaphosa privately persecuted, his lawyer have come out to argue that his rights would be violated if the private prosecution against him were allowed to proceed. Ramaphosa approached the Johannesburg High Court, seeking relief by requesting a declaration that Zuma’s summons is illegal, unconstitutional, and void.

Remember that last year, the former President filed a legal claim against Ramaphosa, accusing him of failing to take action against prosecutor Advocate Billy Downer for allegedly disclosing his medical records.


6588a6c013f8479fb9649e10c8ac48bc?quality=uhq&resize=720During the proceedings, Advocate Ngwako Maenetjie, representing the President, stated that Ramaphosa has a valid case, asserting that the unlawful private prosecution violates or poses a threat to his constitutional rights. As an individual holding the office of the President, when his rights are jeopardized, he has the right to seek legal redress to protect his rights by having the unlawful conduct invalidated.

According to the President’s spokesperson, Vincent Magwenya, Ramaphosa is seeking several forms of relief, including a declaration that the first two summons issued by Zuma in December are unlawful, unconstitutional, and invalid. Additionally, Cyril Ramaphosa’s legal team aims to have the nolle prosequi certificates issued in June and November of the previous year declared as illegal, unconstitutional, and invalid. Lastly, Ramaphosa is seeking an injunction to halt Zuma’s private prosecution against him.



As expected, the President’s court appearance did not go unnoticed. Some social media users have come out with claims that Zuma is just trying to undermine Ramaphosa, comparing his past accusations against former President Mbeki and his current accusations against Ramaphosa. Why did Zuma refuse to privately prosecute Lamola, the justice minister if he believes he has the right to do so? Mzansi, tell us what you think about this and don’t forget to like, comment and share this article let’s get more reactions on this topic. Follow NewsVb for more updates on this topic.


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