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Gogo Maweni Gets A New Tattoo In #ThokozaGogo TV Show [PICTURES]

Gogo Maweni Gets A New Tattoo In #ThokozaGogo TV Show

One day South Africa will wake up to the reality that Gogo Maweni, Bushiri, Lukau and Mboro are just the same. People in social media are saying Maweni is a fake sangoma after she claims to have some superpowers. Maweni claim that she have black magic. Maweni has been seen in TV, in her reality TV show, where she practices witchcraft in the dark side. She has admitted to her reality TV show that she practices witchcraft.

In the second episode of #ThokozaGogo, Gogo Maweni is doing Satan Tattoos. Her husband was also shocked when he heard her. Apparently, Gogo Maweni have done a Satan tattoo. Maweni is getting a tattoo of ‘Satan’, and her husband says that she told him that she has relations with Satan. Her husband have just reviewed in the episode that he heard people speaking about them worshipping aluminium. Maweni did reveal that she joined aluminium before she met her husband.


Gogo Maweni is a famous sangoma who became the first person to put the sangoma into social media and the TV. Apparently there are still many people who still does not believe that she is a sangoma. There are some who believe that she is faking it, and she does not have power as she claimed. Maweni has always been open about her job and the witchcraft. She once said that she wake up at 2am and go perform ritual and witchcraft to the graves.


Take a look at a picture and the tattoo that Maweni recently did. Share your thoughts and views, and don’t forget to like and follow our page for latest updates.

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