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Generations: The Diales Are Desperate For News On Gog’Flo

Lucy has been refusing to give Thembeka a raise even though she saw that she was owing Zobo. During the day, Thembeka went to check on Gog’Flo in her room but she did not find her.

She checked in the bathroom and found her on the floor. She called Cosmo and they took her to the hospital. While they were at the hospital, Lucy called Luyolo so that he will be able to help her grandmother.

Meanwhile, she was busy blaming Thembeka for everything that was happening. She told her that she was careless and that she deserves to be fired.

Mrekza and Cosmo told Lucy that she should stop shouting at Thembeka because it is not her fault. Cosmo suggested to take Thembeka home so that she could be away from Lucy. Lucy told her that she should never come to the hospital. They waited all night and received an update in the morning.


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