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Generations: Nontle Takes Her Guilt Out On The Wrong Person

Nontle has been fighting with her mother and she decided that she wants to make peace with her. She moved in with her at Nkosiyabo’s house. They wanted to fix their bond.


Nkosiyabo found out that his wife’s little sister was pregnant and he decided to tell Ayanda. Ayanda was not happy but she told Nkosiyabo that they must share the news with Nontle.


Nontle was not happy when she found out the truth and she decided to move out and go stay at the commune. Ayanda wanted to fix things so she came with a solution to the problem that they had.


She shared her ideas with Nkosiyabo’s wife and she agreed with her ideas. Ayanda went to tell Nontle about her ideas but she was not happy.


Nontle told her that she was being selfless and it was wrong. Ayanda told her that she loves Nkosiyabo and she does not want to lose him.


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