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Fana Mokoena, Wife, Political And Acting Career, Shows, And Qualification.

If you have seen Hotel Rwanda, you must have come across Fana Mokoena. Interestingly, he became even more popular after playing Rwandan General Augustine Bizimon in the movie. The South African actor has also starred in several local series including Generations, Yizo Yizo and The Lab and has won awards for his expert performances. The star also appeared alongside international film stars including Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt. Fana Mokoena is a member of parliament and a South African actor whose presence is felt in some of the theater productions in which he plays a prominent role.

As a member of the National Assembly, Farner is one of the few artists on the continent who seamlessly transitions into politics. Fana Mokoena was born in Kroonstad, Free State, South Africa.

The South African politician and actor was an executive member of the country’s second opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). In 1993, Mokoena made her television debut in Generation One. In addition, Farner has appeared in several other films, such as the 2013 film World War Z. In it, he played United Nations Under-Secretary-General Thierry Mouton. If you have seen a star actor, then you can also witness his professionalism on stage. Fana from Generations also appeared in James Ngcobo’s Nongogo. In 1999, the political buff won the Avant Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Yizang Yizang. He was then nominated for an Emmy in 2010 for his performance in Hopewell and won a South African Film and Television Award (SAFTA) for his role in The Laboratory.

How old is Fana from Generations?

The award-winning veteran actor was born on May 13, 1971. He will be 52 years in 2023. .

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Fana Mokoena EFF:

August 30, 2016 was an important date in Farner’s political career as he was sworn in as a member of Congress with the support of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). He replaced some of the fighters who had been elected to various local councils of the National Assembly.

Fana Mokoena Education and Qualifications:

Little is known about the education of the politician and award-winning actor. But then it was reported that he graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1991.

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Although there is no information on who Fana’s father is, his mother’s name is Khasiane Alrina Ntloko. However, Fana Mokoena’s mother died in October 2019.

Read the story of Fan Mokoena and you will discover that he was a man of intense focus, purpose and determination to live life to the fullest. Despite his moderate success as an actor, his determination to enter politics shows that he is trying to use every opportunity that comes his way to make a significant difference in his life. His courage and foresight are also worthy of emulation by the next generation.


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