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Expensive Things Owned By Jacob Zuma (See Photos)

One of the wealthiest people in South Africa is former president Jacob Zuma. While serving as President, he amassed a wealth.At the moment, he is South Africa’s most talked-about celebrity.

Take a look at some of Zuma’s most prized items.

Luxury home in Dubai

Jacob Zuma has a beautiful mansion in Dubai. It has been speculated that the Guptas bought him the mansion. The house has 11 parking spots in addition to its 20 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms. His next-door neighbors are the Mugabes, who also have a residence there.


South Africa has a town called Nkandla. His incredibly costly Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal, home. The home is estimated to be worth roughly R250 million. A swimming pool is available for guest use. There is a football field, a vast cow kraal, and nine banquet halls to choose from. It is believed that Zuma used public cash to build his mansion.

The Range Rovers

These are a class of high-end automobile. Zuma’s fleet includes four brand-new Line Rovers. It is estimated that R1.5 million will be spent on each vehicle. Zums also has two Audis, a Q7 and an A3, each of which cost him over R800,000.


Goats, cattle, sheep, and pigs are just some of the livestock worth millions that the ex-president keeps at his nkandla estate.

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