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Dr Nandipha Called Out By Thando For Laughing During Court Appearance

Now, as we keep up with the Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha situation, there are bound to be things that get some people frustrated, especially because it seems like the couple is not doing as bad as some people thought.

Thabo Bester and Dr Nandipha do not look like they are in prison and this obviously has to do with their appearance and the main focus has been Dr Nandipha who makes sure that she looks good for the court appearances.


This is definitely not a crime, but some people seem to have a problem with the fact that she does her makeup before appearing in court.

As you know, things were different this time around, the public was informed a day before that the couple’s court appearance that they would not be there in person.

They had a virtual court appearance and this is really not something that is out of the ordinary and maybe the two have good lawyers who help them to request for certain things.


So, actress Thando Thabethe got so angry that she decided to say something about what Dr Nandipha did during the proceedings.

As you might have already seen, there is a short video clip that shows Dr Nandipha smiling and then eventually laughing as she kept looking to the side.

Now, we do not know who was in the room when this was happening, but some people suspect that someone was in the room, excluding the prison wardens or guards.


Thabethe took to Twitter to tweet this, “What on earth is so funny, what is she smiling and laughing about?”.

And one thing that is a bit uncommon about this is that there are people who have had a lot to say about how beautiful Dr Nandipha is.

And this can come off as insensitive to an extent and the argument could that, she could in prison for whatever she did, but the does not change the fact that she is a beautiful woman.


Then, there are those people who might think that she is just disgusting and this could include Thabethe.

And as you have seen, after Thabethe posted her tweet, there were those who asked if she was not supposed to laugh.

And the simple general analysis of this is that, Dr Nandipha chose to laugh because she found something funny and she could have chosen not to, which could have meant that she would have pretended.


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