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Dj Zinhle’s 23-year-old female employee got arrested for theft.

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South African Singer and a business woman left people shocked after revealing that someone has been stealing from him.

The South African DJ who is also a singer and a mother lost her products because of the thief that have been stealing from her. The person who was stealing from her is her employee aged 23.

DJ Zinhle is one of the hard working ladies in South Africa. On her success, she doesn’t forget to pull others from the stress of being unemployed. DJ Zinhle managed to employ people as a successful singer and a business woman.

It seems like people do not appreciate because her 23 years old employee was stealing from her all this time. This 23 years old lady was getting paid monthly for the good job, but she decided to steal.

The lady was taken to the custody by the Police after what she has been doing was exposed.a1669412edfe4c6397b3274f675e55dd?quality=uhq&resize=720


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