DJ Sumbody’s Partner Opens Criminal Case Against Alleged Gang Leader

DJ Sumbody's Partner Opens Criminal Case Against Alleged Gang Leader

In a shocking turn of events, Kagiso Setsetse, the business partner of the late DJ Sumbody, has filed a criminal case against Ralph Stanfield, the alleged leader of the Cape Town 28s gang. The case revolves around the hijacking of their popular Ayeyep nightclub in Cape Town. Setsetse has also pressed charges against Stanfield’s wife, Nicole Johnson, her cousin Saadiq Peterson, and their employee Warren Dennis. This article delves into the details of the case and the alleged events that led to this legal action.


The criminal case was initially opened at the Brooklyn police station in Pretoria but was subsequently transferred to the Cape Town Central station for further investigation. Setsetse claims that on April 9, 2023, his family and their two sons traveled to Dubai hoping to return to South Africa on April 20. However, after allegedly receiving death threats from Stanfield on April 10, Setsetse became fearful of returning to his home country.

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Setsetse alleges that Stanfield demanded payment for shares in the nightclub business. DJ Sumbody and Kagiso had been paying Stanfield’s wife and a security company close to half a million rand per month. However, they believed that Stanfield orchestrated disturbances at the nightclub to force them into meeting his demands. Setsetse claims that they were forced into issuing a share certificate to Stanfield’s mother-in-law but later decided against signing or registering it at the CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Property Commission).


Setsetse further reveals that their interactions with Stanfield have been strange. The alleged gang leader would oscillate between being pleasant and polite to threatening and cursing them. At times, Stanfield would portray a united front, taking photos with them and acting as though they were a team. However, he would suddenly antagonize them by sending pictures of gruesome murders, instilling fear and distress in Setsetse and his wife.

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The criminal case against Ralph Stanfield, Nicole Johnson, Saadiq Peterson, and Warren Dennis raises serious concerns regarding the alleged hijacking of the Ayeyep nightclub and the intimidation tactics employed by the accused. The investigation by the Cape Town Central police station will delve into the evidence provided by Setsetse, including the death threats and alleged interference with the nightclub’s operations.


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