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Diplomatic relations between South Africa and the US could sink after allegations

International relations minister Naledi Pandor is still fuming after US ambassador Reuben Bri­gety caused a stir when he accused the coun­try of load­ing arms onto Lady R.

The media under­stands Pandor used “strong words” to express her dis­ap­point­ment at Bri­gety’s con­duct after South Africa issued a démarche — the highest dip­lo­matic protest and the first against a top US dip­lo­mat — to express its dis­pleas­ure.

A source with intim­ate know­ledge of the meet­ing said Pandor expressed her dis­ap­point­ment at the remarks made without proof that South Africa was selling arms to Rus­sia. “Pandor told him the remarks flew in the face of the good rela­tions between South Africa and the US, and against the co-oper­a­tion that Dirco has been provid­ing.

“Many meet­ings were held with the ambas­sador in which a pro­cess of com­mu­nic­a­tion was agreed upon between the dip­lo­matic chan­nels and he did not use all of those,” the source said. “When you démarche someone, and espe­cially when it is done by the min­is­ter, it shows the ser­i­ous­ness of the mat­ter.”

Imme­di­ately after express­ing her con­cerns, Pandor left the room to take a call from Blinken, and Bri­gety was left to speak to senior depart­ment man­agers.


Bri­gety par­tially walked back his remarks after the meet­ing, tweet­ing on Fri­day even­ing: “I was grate­ful to speak with for­eign min­is­ter Pandor and cor­rect any mis­im­pres­sions left by my pub­lic remarks. In our con­ver­sa­tion I reaf­firmed the strong part­ner­ship between our two coun­tries and the import­ant agenda our Pres­id­ents have given us.”

A min­is­ter who spoke to the Sunday Times on con­di­tion of anonym­ity said issu­ing a démarche sent a strong sig­nal to the US that Bri­gety could be expelled if he con­tin­ued to pub­licly slander the coun­try.


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