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“Cyril wants Gwede out, it’s a pity Gwede saved Cyril from resigning Phalaphala saga” – Banele



Ramaphosa wants Gwede Mantashe out. It’s a pity it is Gwede that saved Ramaphosa from resigning regarding his Phalaphala FarmGate scandal. The Buffalo vs. the Tiger .let them finish each other.Hope you understand. Stellenbosch decided now Gwede must be out Ziyakhala Gwede saved Ramaphalaphala and Phalaphala Farm Gate says Mqhwathi must go cheers. Soon Gwede Mantashe will be arrested like Ace Magashule watch this space, but it will excite me because we are where we are because of him and his gang star. Not being heartless, but I’ll celebrate that day, people turn to forget that “what goes around, comes back 10 times around”. No wonder SACP SG Solly Maipela was tjatjarag the other day, May day.

Asking for help.

Another hit job given for the SACP target Gwede Mantashe.

Seen it with Zuma & State capture.

These communists are really neoconservatives in disguise. SACP is weak to take on Manthashe. There’s nothing they can do because they are very divided & indecisive. I miss the SACP being its entity without ANC corruption tethered to their name. I hope this in-fighting brings the best of the ANC to the top, so this country has options again. Karma got him, Cyril is unpredictable for real. Gwede has been through thick and thin. When forces of circumstances engulfed Cyril, Gwede remained rigid, he had a tumultuous relationship with the opposition. “Gwede he has to go, he’s the blockage to the privatization of eskom and green energy”

The SACP has long turned itself into the South African Capitalist Party, putting the interests of capitalists ahead of the masses’ in exchange for individual deployments in government. 

Switching sides doesn’t pay off…you are never viewed as being loyal. It’s just like a cheater marrying the person they were cheating with. That relationship will forever have trust issues, Gwede should have known better. Gwede M, has survived for too long, luck has to run out for him eventually, like all the rest of the comrades. No one can touch the Tiger. Solly will go to a Special Congress/Conference if he supports that the Tiger should be out. The ANC does not want people who speak the truth about the future of the nation.

Zuma told them plenty of truths and vision of the country’s future, and they persecuted him big time!



Gwede is telling them to support electricity production through burning coal in our plants, Stop exports

He is being head-hunted now, being named as “stopping the energy transition”, when they really know that this green energy or renewables are Not sustainable!

What is difficult to direct Eskom to USE quality coal for electricity production?

No good deed goes unpunished.

We now have higher stages when the tiger is pushed by Power ships waiting in the wind.

What if Gwede is the minister responsible for the high corruption at Eskom, then obviously Ramaphosa will want him out, he owes it to the nation. 


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