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ChrisExcel caused a stir on social media after what he said about X from Sizokuthola

Xolani Khumalo who is well known as X is a South African Tv presenter, who presents the show (Sizokuthole) meaning we will find you. On the show Xolani and his team, they deal with drug dealers. What they do they go to places where people are selling drugs, confront them and take them to jail.

As we know it is not easy sometimes to get someone to speak the truth about the wrong things they do especially illegal things, but it seems like X has his ways of making drug dealers speak. People have been asking themselves how does he do it. But people assume that he allegedly beat them up.

Chris took to social media to share a post that caused a stir. Below is what Chris posted then later deleted the post:


After this post was shared people started commenting, someone even commented saying that when X gets to the suspects asks them about drugs and they deny it, but immediately after the break, the suspect will change his mind and then decide to speak the truth which is one of the reasons why people say X beat them up.

To be honest, we can’t confirm that X is beating up suspects, but what we can say is that X is cleaning up the country, by taking away the bad guys from the street.

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