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Chidzomba allegedly removed a borehole in Mabvuku after loosing the constituency to CCC


I don’t know what kind of rituals this Zanu-pf party is involved in, these people are extremely evil. They can do whatever it takes for them to be able to be ahead of their opposition. The opposition is good because it makes the ruling party not to relax but work for the people. I do believe that if there were no strong opposition like the CCC, the nation of Zimbabwe was going to see flames. If the nation of Zimbabwe things that this is oppression that they are experiencing, it would be more if there was no such strong opposition that can be able to shake and challenge the ruling party.352d2a8175094748af28f54c24f18169?quality=uhq&resize=720

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Right now you can see that the opposition today may have lost the presidential election, but they have increased the number of their seats in the Parliament which is a good sign. It also shows a rising number of the supporters of the opposition, it is only a matter of time they must not lose a heart, their time will come. As for this member of parliament who has removed a borehole from Mabvuku, you can be able to see that this is what Zanu-pf is made of, they are bullies they don’t know how to play a fare game.

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