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Chamisa vows to tackle Zanu – Pf

The SADC head of its election observer team in Zimbabwe, Nevers Mumba has said that if an election process is flawed, then the election result is illegitimate. The election was flawed- it was fraudulent and failed to meet any domestic and international standards of a credible election

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[ICYMI] “There is going to be a change in Zimbabwe whether Zanu-PF people want it or not. It’s not going to be easy, but there shall be change. We will not wait for five years, there has to be change now.” – CCC leader Nelson Chamisa

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A constitutional court in Malawi in 2020 nullified the election President Peter Mutharika won in 2019, citing massive irregularities during the process. This was after desputed elections.

It is a waste of time for Chamisa. Zanu is not going to take orders from him, neither from America, neither to African Union. Mnangagwa will continue being a Zimbabwe president. They do it in Africa. They did it in Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Uganda. SADC just don’t care. At the end, he will be locked up.

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