Boity Thulo Love Life, Meet 4 Celebrities Boity Has Dated. (PHOTOS)

Boity Thulo Love Life, Meet 4 Celebrities Boity Has Dated. (PHOTOS)

The stunning Boity Thulo is a woman who’s captured the hearts of many. As a TV show host, model, entrepreneur, and musician, she’s nothing short of extraordinary. When it comes to love life, Boity is known to steal the hearts of Mzansi men. She has a preference for those with a high profile, which comes as no surprise given her own level of success. Her dating history boasts some of the most distinguished men from various industries, a testament to her impeccable taste.

As one of the most famous women in the entertainment industry, Boity’s life is constantly in the spotlight. Although she keeps certain aspects of her life private, her dating life is a topic of interest to many fans.

— Who has Boity Thulo dated?

1. Cassper Nyovest50385f6f1d7643479a504abb353eec7f?quality=uhq&resize=720

Did you know that at one point, Nyovest (aka Cassper) and Boity were in a romantic relationship? They kept it a secret for a while before finally confirming the rumours in July of 2015. Unfortunately, their time together was short-lived and they went their separate ways in December of the same year. Fans were left scratching their heads as to

2. Khaya Dlanga702596925504479795bb12d4365af3a4?quality=uhq&resize=720

Back in 2011, Khaya and Boity were together as a couple, even though some fans didn’t believe. The age gap caused a stir among followers, who thought Khaya was too old for the beautiful Boity.

3. Eugene Khoza42c96fe6c7284e50bef46db8bed552d0?quality=uhq&resize=720

TV personality and comedian, may have had a romantic history with Boity Thulo? But, Boity immediately shut down these rumors, pointing out that they were just good friend. Despite her assurance, though, many of her followers couldn’t help but wonder if something more was going on between the two.

4. Stanley Obiamalu44bbaca115144bc6bd818c43ea8a278c?quality=uhq&resize=720

Do you remember when Boity was dating that Nigerian filmmaker? His name is Stanley, but he also goes by Director SOS. Sadly, the couple called it quits in 2018 after a year of being together. Fans were hoping for Boity to get engaged to him, but it wasn’t meant to be.


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