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ANC Top Heavyweight Surprises South Africans As He Reveals This About The ANC And Ramaphosa |See Why



The people of South Africa have been thinking and wondering whether they could still be a better future for the African National Congress. This is because of what has been happening about the ANC and people are not happy with what it has been falling. The reason for this is that the future is still bright and this is because the people of South Africa are still going to put them in power since they provide them with social grants.

The same grants are the ones that are keeping the ANC to be kept in power even though the ANC has put the country in a bad state. This is because of what has happened lately as people are now forced to enjoy electricity for only 7 hours. More allegations are coming to reveal that the people will be forced to go to stage 8 and this will mean they will have to get the grid for themselves.


The former African National Congress secretary general by the name of Ace Magashule has made a bold statement about Ramaphosa and the ruling party. He just said that the ANC is gone and the people that should be blamed are the ANC and those that failed to take accountability against some members.

Ace Magashule has shown the public from time to time that the ANC is gone and people will be forced to support them by the little things they sponsor them.


With the ANC being reported to have gone down the strain and which political party can take over the reigns of putting the country in a different stand. Does that mean the ANC is tired of being the ruling party or they are just enjoying looting from the government?

What is your intake on this matter and why do you say so?

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