ANC Top Cde Is Adamant That Load Shedding Won’t Kick Out The ANC Power By 2024 National Elections

ANC Top Cde Is Adamant That Load Shedding Won't Kick Out The ANC Power By 2024 National Elections



It is becoming an everyday issue to address to the people of South Africa since the ANC has taken over the country. This is because a lot has been happening that always gives worries to the people that gave the ANC power to lead. The reason for this is because what has happened in the pastiche has made people to the deep trust the ANC.

This is because the ANC is the only party that has saved the black nation from the apartheid regime that was subjected to them. The reason for this is that the same ANC has been trusted a lot like being in a toxic relationship and most toxic relationships are not easy to let go of.


This is what has been happening with the ANC as people believe that there is no other political party that can lead than the ANC. Some people don’t believe that they can have a competitor in politics that can surprise them and do what the people want.

The African National Congress member and secretary general Fikile Mbalula is positive that the ANC will remain in power despite the country’s challenges. This is because the issue relating to load shedding and not having electricity for 10 hours a day is proving to be the only downfall the ANC will get by 2024.


The political analyst has been speaking that the ANC with the rest of the political party will be in a coalition government because people are tired of the ANC not making service delivery mandatories. Despite the ANC’s future as the ruling party looks blurry it seems like the ANC will get the biggest shocker of their lives when people take a stand to vote for a political party that will them first.

What is your intake on this matter and why do you say so?

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