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Actor, Sello Maake Calls Out Kelly Khumalo And Her Sister After This Happened

Now, we can all agree to an extent that the Senzo Meyiwa situation was never an easy thing to get over, that is why even after all these years, we are still talking about it.

And all that people are asking for is very much clear and that is for the people who were in the house on that fateful night to come out and say something.


But, as we have seen in the past few weeks or so, there is not any guarantee that this case will make progress.

Considering all the years that have gone past, one would have expected this case to be solved, but it seems like it is more complex than a lot of us thought.

So, one thing that has been continuously brought up is the issue regarding celebrities not speaking up against the injustice.


You might recall that there was once a period when celebrities were asked if they are not going to call singer Kelly Khumalo and her sister, Zandi Khumalo out.

Seasoned actor, Sello Maake kaNcube decided that he was not going to remain silent like all the other celebrities, so he gave his analysis of the situation.


And he said quite a mouthful, he was clear with his stance and as you have seen, he mentioned in a tweet that the whole situation is heartbreaking.

By carefully reading the tweet, one understands that Sello had the ability to speak on this because he sympathizes with the Meyiwa family.

There is that sort of understanding from the actor, he can relate to what they are going through in a way.


And maybe this is why other celebrities just prefer to not get involved, it could be that they feel like it is not their place to say something.

Another possibility is that this can easily backfire, depending on who decides to say something, the tweet from Sello was well-received because it sounded genuine.

And it goes without saying that his voice carries so much weight and we could tell, judging by the reactions from people.


Had it been someone else, the reactions would have been different, that is one thing that is certain.

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