Monday, May 29, 2023
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ActionSA allegedly welcomes an EFF member into their political party

The members and leaders of the ActionSA political party took pictures while welcoming their new members from the Economic Freedom Fighters.

All these people were doing it deliberately to show the people of South Africa, that there are people who are transitioning from other political parties and coming into their own, which shows that they see a very serious difference among these different political parties.

This is a serious thing for the economic freedom fighters, because they are being humiliated for the fact that they are losing much more numbers to other political parties, which is not good at all, and they should fight by all means to keep their members.

However, people should understand that different political parties always have got issues and the more that they gain quite a number of people, then the more they also lose quite a number of people.

This should never be a very big issue, but they should only focus on campaigning to get more members into their party.



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