A Lady That Recently Went To #Mamazala Being Accused Of Faking Marriage To Get SASSA Grant

A Lady That Recently Went To #Mamazala Being Accused Of Faking Marriage To Get SASSA Grant

Another Lady Embarrassed Herself In #Mamazala 


A Lady Left mzansi talking in social media after watching the latest episode of Mamazala. A Lady named Eather has embarrassed herself after she fights for something which does not exist. Fans and followers of Mamazala are accusing this lady of faking marriage in order to get SASSA Grant.


Esther wrote to Mamazala show because she wants her in-laws to stop accusing her of having a hand in her husband’s death. She is saying that she want the shack which she built when her husband was still alive. She further told Dingaan who is the host of the show that she want her in laws to help her remove their surname that her kids are using since her husband is no more.


Dingaan From Mamazala were left disappointed after she humiliated herself. Dingaan went with Esther with hope to help her get her things back. He was shocked to hear the explosive secrets of the lady. The Lady is from Lesotho. Her husband went to her families himself to pay lobola with his uncles or any family representative. The lady is fighting to get SASSA grant, and she now needs the death certificate so that she can make South African ID.

Apparently, whoever who advised the lady, she was advised in a wrong way. Her marriage took place in Lesotho and not in South African. Our customary laws won’t protect her. She wants the late ID and death certificate to register her kids for child grant.


Foreigners are entitled in South Africa. The story of this lady doesn’t add up at all. Viewers thought that she is taking chances, her story has many loopholes. Viewers think that this lady seems very capable, shame her story doesn’t add up.


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