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A Lady Is Left Disappointed As Her In-Laws Refused To Help Her Claim Her Husbands Money In #Mamazala

A lady Is Left Disappointed As Her InLaws Refused To Help Her Claim Her Husband’s Money In #Mamazala Show

Mzansi has been left disappointed after hearing that the lady that recently went to Mamaza did not have funeral policy. The lady was living with the husband full-time, they had no funeral policies, she did not contribute any cent to bury the hubby, uncles are in debts to bury her hubby. In the latest episode of Mamazala, she wanted to frustrate the in-laws after they helped her bury her husband.


Sibongile wrote to Mamazala because she has been struggling to feed her children since her husband’s death. She believes her in-laws can assist her, little did she knew that she will be left with tears. The lady was frustrated by the fact that her brother-in-law wants his money from her. He claimed that he is the one who paid everything for her husband’s funeral.


When Dingaan who is the host of the show confronted the uncle, the uncle did not say that at the moment he has received 20k to down pay what he spent on the funeral. If the in-laws were transparent, Ronnie, who is the brother-in-law, would have mentioned to Dingaan that he has received 20k. He just said that they didn’t give the 20k and had to start from 0.


Apparently, the pensions have not been paid yet, the employer said they must wait for 6 weeks of which it is not due yet. Apparently, R20k was for funeral or condolences money from an employer they did notify her about. Apparently the money was not enough, hence the uncle went ahead to take loans to sort out everything.


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