“You Will Know Why I Was Given The Rod” Furious Ruto Warns UDA Legislators Amidst KEMSA Scandals


President William Ruto has issued threats to those politicians planning to embezzle funds in various ministries under his watch. This comes amidst suspension of government officials over KEMSA scandal

Speaking in Murang’a County where he attended the burial of David Waweru Nge’the, the president promised Kenyans that he will make sure that the value of every single coin they contribute towards the growth of the economy will be accounted for.

“No one will steal your contributions. And if anyone dares, she/he will meet me. The work and the rod I was given during handing over is for disciplining those who want to steal Kenyan’s money. I have told my friends that we will be friends but when it comes to Kenyan’s money I will say no to friendship” the president warned those planning to steal public funds.0bccfbf438f844a6ad846231f0ee975e?quality=uhq&resize=720

The president went ahead to defend his housing program and the 3% compulsory deductions. He asserted that the housing scheme will see the construction of 200, 000 housing which in turn will employ 1 million youths every year.

He blasted those saying that it is not there responsibility to contribute the 3% tax. He said it is our business to alleviate the economic status of the youths because those unemployed youths are our children.

“It is our collective responsibility and duty to ensure we support the housing program that is going to give opportunities to millions of our young Kenyans so that they too can lead a descent life.” The president stated.



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