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What President Ruto Is Being Expected To Reveal and Discuss in Today’s Interview at KTN Emerges

President Ruto is well known in the country and has been working extra hard to make sure all Kenyans are living happily. Further, President William Ruto has been promising Kenyans that his government will reduce the cost of living. He has been reassuring that everything will be okay soon, the cost of essential commodities will be reduced, and Kenyans will enjoy buying most commodities like cooking oil, cooking gas, and maize flour. Also, he recently confirmed that every civil servant will be deducted 3 percent for the House Fund. Most Kenyans have been accusing President William Ruto after he issued the program.

According to the source, new details have just emerged about what President William Ruto is expected to discuss and answer in today’s interview with KTN TV. As per the latest updates shared online and at the same time circulating, KTN has confirmed that President William Ruto is being expected to answer some of the questions that Kenyans have been asking, including the hard economy in the country, unfulfilled promises, and other emerging issues like the House Fund. Those who are willing to follow the interview will watch it on KTN at exactly 7 p.m.a230de23873c4f23b3a19fed0c38a56d?quality=uhq&resize=720

This just came in after Kenyans have been asking President William Ruto to reduce the prices of essential commodities and also reduce the taxation of some commodities.

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