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“Tumetoka Azimio” Jubilations Rocks UDA as Influential Leader & Asian Community Joins UDA (Photos)

The Azimio La Umoja One Kenya alliance coalition of opposition chief Raila Odinga has today suffered a major political blow after one of its key allies from the larger region of Rift Valley has today evening shifted his allies to that of the United Democratic Alliance party of president William Ruto.82f81c3c31764609aff529a52ce21d1f?quality=uhq&resize=720This comes after former member of parliament Swarup Mishra ditched the Jubilee party of former president Uhuru Kenyatta that he used in the last general election and joins the UDA party under the Kenya Kwanza alliance coalition of president William Ruto.55c954bad6e04f8f88454d2e1b3f284b?quality=uhq&resize=720He promised to support the agenda of president William Ruto where he apologized for his people for making a wrong political decision in the last general election where he said supporting Raila Odinga was the worst political move he made.11b8767cec154afe9119d39b691f19a7?quality=uhq&resize=720He was received into the ruling party by UDA party secretary General Cleophas Malala who congratulated the former member of parliament for making the right political move promising to support him in the upcoming general election.

eabeb08f0bc145878702c0f62bd424d2?quality=uhq&resize=720This even as Asian community in the country also shift their political allies to president William Ruto where they also promised to work and support the Kenya Kwanza manifestos in the country where they promised to vote for president Ruto in 2027 general elections.0df19cb40f564aed822a8fa31a5bbdcd?quality=uhq&resize=720This is a huge political growth to the ruling party that will seek to defend its position in the upcoming elections.1de486bd019c42229761cd1b204b6f72?quality=uhq&resize=72041c9b95ec52041519604e416afb7f97b?quality=uhq&resize=720

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