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” The Government Belongs to The Kalenjins”, Senator Ledama Olekina Says.

Photo courtesy, image of the president of Kenya, William Ruto.

A few hours ago, a well-renowned politician identified as Sen. Ledama Olekina opened up and revealed that today’s government belongs to the Kalenjin people. He added that the police are being used as an extension of the executive by the current government. Ledama concluded by urging people who are not politicians to leave political matters to politicians and stop harassing their bodyguards. ” Tuambiane Kweli! Serikali imekua ya wakalee. Polisi wamekua extension ya Executive, stop this nonsense of being political. You are not politicians leave politics to us politicians. Stop harassing our Bodigurd we can easily ask them to resign and we employ them with our resources. Stop it! “, Sen. Ledama Olekina tweeted.


Photo courtesy, image used for evidence purposes only.

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