“The DP Is An Embarrassment” Ndegwa Njiru Asks Gachagua To Go For Therapy


Advocate Ndegwa Njiru has come out to lecture deputy president Rigathi Gachagua following his remarks at Mukami Kimathi’s funeral on Saturday. Gachagua in his speech said that it is time people accept the truth and let the country move on. He directly attacked the former prime minister and told him to accept Ruto and him as the leaders of this country.

Advocate Ndegwa Njiru was not however happy with Gachagua’s speech and he has come out to suggest that he goes for speech therapy. Njiru said that the deputy president is embarrassing when he speaks and also an embarrassment to the country.

“DO @rigathi requires a serious speech therapist..its embarrassing to listen to him speak…the guy is an embarrassment to the Karaharians….” Ndegwa Njiru said.


Many people have been lecturing the deputy president for his criticism. Some believe that he will destroy president William Ruto’s reputation and he should be slowed down. Others have asked Ruto to tame him or he will make him lose supporters in the coming general elections. Do you agree with Njiru that Gachagua is embarrassing? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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