” Shame On You, Your Azimio Project Will Not Go Anywhere” Gachagua Sends Message to Media


The deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has badly lectured the media for misleading Kenyans against the government of president William Ruto. Gachagua is clear that Ruto has achieved a lot of things since he assumed office as president.

Here is a link: https://twitter.com/Kenyans/status/1659925565078487041?t=k47xPy0vgkKOgrS86LVJsg&s=19


The deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has maintained that government must focus on issues as opposed sideshows from the media. He has singled out the Nation media group as the biggest agent of propaganda.

The deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has laughed off the Nation Media headline today that said Ruto has abandoned his promises. He is firm that Ruto has continued to fulfill his agenda and he must therefore be given time.

Gachagua is clear that Ruto is fully focused on the development agenda of the country and the wellbeing of Kenyans. He affirms that though they found empty coffers immediately they assumed office, they have succeeded to make several milestones in matters economy and development.

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