Ruto’s Popularity in Mt Kenya Region Might Only Drop Due to this Reason(Opinion)

Ruto's Popularity in Mt Kenya Region Might Only Drop Due to this Reason(Opinion)

Mt Kenya region played significant role in Ruto’s victory in the 2022 general election. The region which is majorly inhibited by the GEMA community overwhelmingly lined up to vote for Ruto and defied Uhuru’s call to vote for Raila Odinga.

Ruto stole the race immediately after the handshake and started visiting the vote rich Mt Kenya region to seek their support. The then Deputy President walked out of Jubilee party and joined UDA. It was followed by mass defection from Jubilee to UDA. This witnessed majority of Mt Kenya elected leaders dumping Uhuru for Ruto in the newly formed UDA.

Ruto took advantage of high cost of living to win the heart of majority of the mountain population. He captured the region to the extend that Uhuru could not have voice on the ground. Most of the leaders in the region used UDA as a vehicle to win their seats while those who were in Jubilee lost terribly.

Now Ruto is currently at the exact place where Uhuru was in the run up to the last election. It’s is now the responsibility of Ruto to discharge his duties and bring down the cost of living. Elsewhere, Uhuru is now a free man with no duties to undertake. If the former President can use the same tactics as his successor in the mountain then he can regain his strength on the ground.0659a3793e28421c83e6023c873f563a?quality=uhq&resize=720

Uhuru’s only option to go back to his people by using high of living as a tool. He can do this by revolving around the region and convincing the residents that he true meant well for them when he urged them to support Raila Odinga. This idea might actually sell if Ruto fails to reduce the prices of basic commodities.

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