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” Ruto Has Badly Outsmarted You, 2027 Is a Walkover” Manyora Sends Bad News to Raila

Professor Herman Manyora has affirmed that president William Ruto has successfully managed the Azimio leader Raila Odinga. He is clear that the president is employing diversionary tactics to delay bipartisan talks and Raila has got into his game.

Here is a link, watch from 11 minutes:

Manyora is clear that the president of Kenya William Ruto has fought corruption like no other and this has finished the opposition allegations that he is corrupt. Manyora is clear that the appointment of General Francis Ogolla as the Chief of Defence Forces in Nyanza region has badly exposed Raila Odinga.

According to Manyora, Ruto’s 2027 Statehouse match will be a walkover and Raila has no chance. Manyora has explained that Ruto’s narrative on the cost of living is beginning to sink into people’s mind and the opposition has no counter narrative.

According to Professor Manyora, president Ruto has managed to convince the country that he is trying to manage the economy that was badly destroyed by Uhuru and Raila. Manyora is clear that if Ruto maintains his political moves, Raila has no chance whatsoever.

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