“Raila Please Bring Back Maandamano, We Are Suffering” Azimio MCA Tells Raila


Raila Odinga’s staunch admirer and Kileleshwa ward county assembly member Hon. Robert Alai has appeared to urge the Azimio leader to take the protests back up again. Alai claimed in a tweet sent to his page that the current state of the economy makes it impossible to force Kenyans to pay an additional 3% tax. As opposed to what Ruto and his allies are asserting, he said, it is corruption and not national building.

Bring back Maandamano, Baba @RailaOdinga. We cannot be made to pay a 3% tax. Please! “THAT IS CORRUPTION!” stated Ali.1a9c0628da37405e99a504188c9f2eae?quality=uhq&resize=720

The Azimio coalition hasn’t staged any protests in a few weeks. This was done to provide the team leading the bipartisan negotiations a chance to explain how the government and opposition would cooperate to benefit Kenyans. However, some individuals continue to believe that the Kenya Kwanza government is oppressive and that protests should be reinstated so that Kenyans can voice their complaints.

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