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President Ruto Announces Major Changes In CS Kindiki’s Interior Ministry

President William Ruto is intending to make the Ministry of Internal Security largely decentralized. This is according to PS Internal Security Raymond Omollo. The PS has written to parliament seeking to have budgetary allocations to support the Ministry NGAO officials in expanding their network in the country to ensure security and accountability.

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President Ruto wants to ensure that just like in the Moi regime where information from the village reached the president in seconds, the same happens to his administration. President Ruto is trying to push hard an agenda that can transform the security sector.

It’s obvious clear that government survives on intelligence from it’s borders and within the country.. It’s therefore expected that the decentralization agenda will survive the test of time.

President Ruto wants to ensure that the Chiefs and their assistants are given the necessary support to help his government with information from the villages. This will ensure that government is able to respond to the challenges that affect citizens at an appropriate time.

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