Peter Salasya Sends Another Waning To Babu Owino Telling Him This

Peter Salasya Sends Another Waning To Babu Owino Telling Him This

For three days now Mumias East Member of Parliament Hon Peter Salasya and his Embakasi counterpart Babu Owino have been fighting on the internet following the recent ranking of MPs in the country. The ranking said that Babu Owino was among the most performing MPs in the country something Salasya objected leading to the ongoing feud between the two MPs. In response Babu said that Salasya was a madman and comedian in his village.

Salasya has now come out to reveal that Babu Owino has been texting him threatening to punish him if he does not show him respect. Salasya however said he is not afraid of Babu Owino and will not respect him if he does not get the same treatment of respect. Salasya went ahead to accuse Babu of being a murderer because of his past incident where he shot DJ Evolve leaving him paralyzed.

“Uko nayo niko nayo ,uko na vijana niko na vijana …hizo vitisho za texting me demanding respect from me won’t work [email protected] mimi si #DjEvolve mimi nikienyeji. Respect is a two-way traffic. RESPECT ME I RESPECT YOU. ATLEAST I AM A MAD MAN BUT NOT A MURDERER,” Salasya tweeted.


It seems like the rivalry between the two MPs will continue for another few days as they work to solve it. In the meantime follow the page for more news updates daily.

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