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Pauline Njoroge Slams DP for Stating Unga Price Will Reduce & Spills Beans on UDA MP Disappointment

The Kenya Kwanza government has drown criticism from all corners of the country as Kenyans believe that they have already failed in fulfilling the promises they made during campaign period.

However, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has never stopped sweet talking Kenyans and giving promises that the prices of unga will go down as soon as possible.

Taking to her official social media platform, Pauline Njoroge slammed Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua for allegedly claiming that the prices of unga will go down in the coming.

She also revealed that a UDA member of parliament told her that he is done with the government and wants to concentrate on his Constituency as the believe he has in the President on delivering are over.


“They believed themselves to be quite intelligent and used to think Uhuru didn’t know what he was doing. They are now appearing like clowns since nothing they offer ever materializes.

A particular UDA MP was telling me that he has chosen to concentrate on his constituency rather than the national government because doing so will cost him money. He expressed his dissatisfaction by noting that although he had initially thought Ruto had a strategy, things had actually worked out completely differently.

(In the video, Rigathi claims that without providing subsidies, they were able to get the price of Unga down to 159. That Ruto simply used the stakeholders and used his great mind to accomplish this)😅.” Pauline Njoroge stated.

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