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Omanga Trolled By Kenyans After Sharing This Photo

Millicent Omanga is one of the political iron ladies we have in the country. She currently serves the Cabinet Administrative Secretary for interior, a position she was appointed to recently. One of the traits that makes Omanga a darling of the people is her attitude of standing strong even in the face of rejection and slander. She always comes out stronger and this has made people love her.

Today like every other day Omanga shared a photo of herself donned in an Hijab. She then wished all her fans a blessed day by writing “Jumma Mubarak.” The photo immediately attracted the attention of her followers who left different comments on her page. Some complimented her beauty and said she looked great.


Some of her followers however criticized her saying she was abusing the Islamic culture by wearing their clothes. They asked her to take off the attire and dress like she is used to. This is because of the several scandals that have been following her recently more so her leaked video which took the country by storm. Here are some of the comments Kenyans gave;


How do you think Omanga looks in the Islamic hijab? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Follow the page for more news updates daily.

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