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NTV Unmasks Senior Mt Kenya Leaders In Ruto’s Govt Behind The Poisonous Sugar Scandal (Video)

NTV Kenya has exposed powerful Mount Kenya leaders said to be behind the disappearance of the poisonous sugar that forced President William Ruto’s administration to sack 27 officers.

According to NTV Kenya, at the heart of the scam is powerful Mount Kenya leaders.

“Two senior politicians from Central region one who is serving second conservative term in Parliamnet and the other who has just made a come back after five years in the cold are at the heart of the scandal.” The Reporter Said.

According to the reporter, the one millions bag of poisonous sugar were sold to a buyer.

“one million bags were later sold to the buyer in quantity of 25,000 bags each of 50 kgs with each bag sold at Shs. One thousand. Only 14 pieces of 25,000 bags have been recovered.” He added

Here is the video link courtsey of NTV Kenya.

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