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“Nitanyorosha Watu Na Fimbo” A Tough Talking Ruto Promises To Deal With These People (VIDEO)

President William Ruto on Friday declared that he will take harsh actions against individuals who will attempt to misuse public money. While speaking during a funeral service in Muranga county, the head of state sent a harsh message to state officials and other Kenyans who might be tempted to steal public money from the state coffers.

“Nitanyorosha watu na fimbo vibaya sana, pesa ya wanainchi hamtaiba ( I will seriously deal with people, people’s money you won’t steal),” President Ruto fiercely stated.

President Ruto noted that he was given the power by the people so that he could protect the public resources from being misused by corrupt individuals. The president noted that he won’t relent on his push to have a corrupt-free government that economically uses public money that has been generated from taxes.

Meanwhile, president William Ruto’s message to corrupt individuals who are salivating for public money comes just a day after a scandal emerged within the ministry of health. A number of individuals working at the KEMSA were linked to scandal that involved a lose of upto millions of public money. The KEMSA scandal prompted the president to fire a number of staffs from the ministry of Health.


Kindly click on the link below to watch from 1:30 minute to the end.

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