MP Reveals What’ll Happen to Your Money if You Decide to Leave Ruto’s Housing Plan

MP Reveals What'll Happen to Your Money if You Decide to Leave Ruto's Housing Plan

The Kenyans being targeted by President William Ruto’s 3 percent housing levy will be able to get their money back if they decide to exit the programme, Belgut Member of Parliament Nelson Koech has said.

He has also made it clear that Kenyans can only leave after seven years, once again reiterating Ruto’s announcement that this is not a tax but a saving scheme which seeks to benefit the contributors.

He has made the remarks while stressing on the need to feel comfortable being part of the scheme and not to see it as an additional baggage.

“What the President is saying is that if you don’t feel like you want to contribute further after seven years, you have an exit strategy. You can always claim your money because it’s yours. This deduction is not in any way a tax,” he said on Citizen TV on Monday.

8fc4f70007aa41ee9e26ee04203ef975?quality=uhq&resize=720The lawmaker, an ally of the President, also pointed out that on top of enabling Kenyans to get homes, the programme will as well create employment openings for those who will be involved in the construction.

He also stated that the houses to be constructed will look similar, noting that the plan is to come up with 3600 housing units.

“This fund is going to directly and indirectly employ many people and we should not be shy of contributing,” added Koech.

But the entire thing continues to be opposed by the opposition, which has termed it just another trick to get money out of the already suffering Kenyans.

Azimio La Umoja leader Raila Odinga has wondered why else it is being forced on Kenyans, saying that some of those expected to contribute already have houses and have other priorities.

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